Hedging Service Northern Beaches

Sydney Arborist offers a wide range of hedging services suitable for formal, small compact or larger hedges that are suitable for your residential or commercial property.

If leggy, woody, scraggly, spindly or unkempt describes your hedge, call Sydney Arborist for hedging services in Sydney to take care of your hedging needs. Rows of thickly planted shrubs can be a wonderful way to define borders, keep children and pets in or even out, and provide shelter and food for birds but can also become an unsightly first impression if left unattended.

Like all plants, shrubs need regular maintenance to look their best. Sydney Arborist will advise on best time to prune, the optimal shape and size of the hedge as well as attend to hedging and removal of cuttings for you.

Not sure whether you even want a hedge? There are other options for privacy that may be more suitable. Use trees or mix up trees and shrubs for a garden feature or border that requires less work.

Call Sydney Arborist for advice and our expert hedging service in Sydney on the Northern Beaches and North Shore.